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There are different methods for fixing the clamp under different environmental conditions.

The cable clamp has the function of fixing. The cable clamp disperses the weight of the cable and the thermomechanical force generated by thermal expansion and cold contraction onto each clamp to be released, so as to prevent the cable from mechanical damage. There are different methods for fixing the clamp under different environmental conditions.

The cable is mainly laid in the tunnel. The snake laying method is adopted, so the cable must be fixed flexibly. This is because when the ambient temperature and load current change, the thermal mechanical force generated by thermal expansion and cold contraction of the cable is large. If this thermal mechanical force is concentrated in a certain part, it will cause cable damage.

Cable fixing clips are widely used in high-rise buildings, subways, high-speed railways, tunnels, etc. they are generally used to fix 110kV and 220kV cables. Cable fixing clips are made of anti-corrosion aluminum alloy and can be installed on cable supports or walls. Fix the cable without damaging the cable. After the high-voltage cable is laid, install the cable fixing clamp to prevent the cable from sliding and crossing, with long service life and strong stability.

The plastic tie includes a belt body, which is characterized in that more than one section of spine strip is arranged on the belt body, one end of the belt body is provided with an opening that can be inserted at the other end of the belt body, and the outlet of the opening is provided with a bayonet matched with the spine strip that can only be inserted into the belt body and can not be pulled out. Since the length of the belt body can be changed, articles of different diameters or sizes can be bound. The utility model has the advantages of convenient use and simple structure.

The advantages are:
1. The tail end of the tie belt is provided with cross teeth for anti-skid, which is easy to install and pick up.
2. The surface of the tie and lock head is smooth, without obvious burr residue, and it is not easy to scratch the skin.
3. The tie belt is pressed by high technology, the gear is clear, the toughness is strong, it is not easy to loosen, slide and break when stuck.
4. Thickened buckle, thickened internal position, uniform and tight, strong biting force.
5. The tighter the tie, the smaller the tie. The humanized stop design prevents items from falling.

“The stepped stainless steel tie belt comprises a belt body and a head, the belt body is provided with a connecting end and a free end, the belt body is provided with a plurality of fixing holes, and the connecting end of the belt body is fixed with the head; The head is provided with a perforation, one end of the perforation away from the belt body is a belt inlet, one side of the head is provided with a curved notch, the two ends of the notch are close to the belt inlet, the area surrounded by the notch is a fixed sheet, the fixed sheet is bent towards the perforation, and the fixed sheet is provided with 2-5 convex strips towards the perforation, The width and length of the convex strip are less than the width and length of the belt fixing hole. With the above structure, when the binding belt binds objects, the convex strip falls into the fixing hole to lock the belt body. The utility model avoids the damage of the ball or metal inclined plate to the belt body and prolongs the service life of the tie. The structure of the head is simple and easy to process.

Stepped stainless steel tie:
1. Product material: stainless steel 304 and 316, corrosion-resistant multiple locking ties, tension resistance up to 255 pounds, suitable for indoor and outdoor use,
2. Application fields: industry, agriculture, communication, petroleum, aviation, transportation, shipping, electric power, hardware, shipbuilding, oil pipeline engineering,
3. High temperature resistance range: – 120 ℃ ~ 350 ℃.
4. Installation mode of stepped stainless steel tie: it provides convenience for operation and installation and improves work efficiency.
5. Stepped stainless steel tie: it has good tightness to ensure the safety of wires, cables and communication equipment.
6. Unique material of stainless steel tie: good for fire prevention, rust prevention and other factors.”

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