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Other items

  • The self-locking nylon tie

    The self-locking nylon tie

    As the name suggests, the self-locking nylon tie will only lock more and more tightly. Generally, it is designed with a stop function. However, if someone accidentally locks the wrong place, please don’t worry and pull hard to avoid damage to the locked object. We can try to unlock it. 1. Cut it with scissors or knife, which is convenient and fast, but can not be reused. 2. We can find the head of the tie, and then gently press it down with small or fingernails, so that the tie will be automatically loosened and opened slowly.

  • Stainless Steel Tag

    Stainless Steel Tag

    Technical Information
    1. Material: Stainless Steel Grade 304 or 316
    2. Color: Metallic, Black, Blue ect
    3. Working Temp.: -80℃ to 150℃

  • Nylon Cable Tie (NZ-2)

    Nylon Cable Tie (NZ-2)

    Technical Information
    Material: Nylon 66
    Material Locking Barb : 304 or 316
    Working Temp.: -40℃ to 85 ℃
    Color: Nature or Black
    Flammability: UL94V-2
    Other Properties: Halogen free