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Stainless Steel Multi Lock Uncoated Cable Tie

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The  stainless steel multi lock uncoated cable tie  has strong self-lock mechanism which saves time in installation easily. The buckle of the tie is unique, and  the tie body is flat and smooth.

This series item has been approved with  UKCA, CE certificates.

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    The stepped stainless steel tie belt comprises a belt body and a head, the belt body is provided with a connecting end and a free end, the belt body is provided with a plurality of fixing holes, and the connecting end of the belt body is fixed with the head; The head is provided with a perforation, one end of the perforation away from the belt body is a belt inlet, one side of the head is provided with a curved notch, the two ends of the notch are close to the belt inlet, the area surrounded by the notch is a fixed sheet, the fixed sheet is bent towards the perforation, and the fixed sheet is provided with 2-5 convex strips towards the perforation, The width and length of the convex strip are less than the width and length of the belt fixing hole. With the above structure, when the binding belt binds objects, the convex strip falls into the fixing hole to lock the belt body. The utility model avoids the damage of the ball or metal inclined plate to the belt body and prolongs the service life of the tie. The structure of the head is simple and easy to process.

    Stepped stainless steel tie:
    1. Product material: stainless steel 304 and 316, corrosion-resistant multiple locking ties, tension resistance up to 255 pounds, suitable for indoor and outdoor use,
    2. Application fields: industry, agriculture, communication, petroleum, aviation, transportation, shipping, electric power, hardware, shipbuilding, oil pipeline engineering,
    3. High temperature resistance range: - 120 ℃ ~ 350 ℃.
    4. Installation mode of stepped stainless steel tie: it provides convenience for operation and installation and improves work efficiency.
    5. Stepped stainless steel tie: it has good tightness to ensure the safety of wires, cables and communication equipment.
    6. Unique material of stainless steel tie: good for fire prevention, rust prevention and other factors.

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