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Stainless Steel Fully Epoxy Coated Cable Tie

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Stainless Steel Fully Epoxy Coated Cable tie, also named Polyster Coated Cable tie differs from epoxy coated cable ties,  the buckle is black coated which makes it look unique.


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Stainless steel strapping is often used to bind pipes, cables and some products of different sizes and shapes. When binding these products, a professional belt tightening machine is sometimes required to make the binding effect better. Of course, in order to ensure the firmness of binding, there are some precautions for stainless steel strapping. Here are some precautions for cable binding:
1. The way of binding cables shall be unified
When Binding cables with stainless steel straps, start from the beginning of the cable, bind the cables firmly, bind them with the same method at a certain distance, and bind them all the way to the end of the cable, so as to ensure that the cables are neat and beautiful after binding, and ensure the normal transmission of current and signal.
2. Pay attention to the tidiness of cables during binding
According to the specification table of stainless steel strap, select the appropriate size strap to bind the cable. In addition, when tying together with the cable, pay attention to the neat arrangement of the cable, do not cross and mess, and keep the cable flat, vertical and orderly, so as not to affect the subsequent use of the cable and bring convenience to the subsequent work.
3. Tie the cables separately
When using stainless steel straps to bind cables that need to be arranged in multiple layers, each layer of cables must be bound separately, and foam shall be padded on the outside of the cable before binding with stainless steel straps. At the same time, the tension shall be controlled. Not only enough space shall be given to the cable to avoid damaging the cable, but also the cable shall be bound firmly.

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