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Stainless Steel Ball Lock Epoxy Coated Cable Tie with Wing Lock

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Stainless Steel Cable Ties-Ball Lock Epoxy/Polyster Coated Cable Ties with Wing Lock is a kind of unique ball Lock with Wing Lock too, which makes double locks of the ties, and never gets loose.

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Stainless steel ties are widely used in power and power supply systems, and their advantages are as follows:
① Objects of various shapes and sizes can be tied with stainless steel straps.
② Stainless steel strapping adopts extremely simple buckle structure design, which simplifies the complexity of traditional strapping (knotting, winding, etc.).
③ The fastening performance ensures that the bound objects are always in a safe state.
④ Anti corrosion and high temperature resistant materials are adopted, and the product has strong ability to adapt to the surrounding environment.

In fact, stainless steel ties are frequently used in cars, but we don't often find them:
① Heat shield for exhaust pipe of parking space. At present, automobile manufacturers use stainless steel strap to replace the traditional welding method, which has outstanding energy efficiency ratio: it eliminates the stress caused by the thermal expansion of exhaust pipe and breaks the welding point; Increase the service life of thermal insulation plate; It is simple and easy to install, which effectively reduces the manufacturing cost of exhaust pipe.
② Automobile transmission shaft dust boot. Different models of automobile transmission shafts have different sizes and specifications. If the die-casting method is adopted, the manufacturing cost will be significantly increased. Once the model is stopped, the die can not be reused, which will inevitably cause a waste of resources. The use of stainless steel tie belt can completely avoid this problem. It is not limited by size and the strength of high reliability provides complete protective measures for dust prevention of transmission shaft.
③ Brake bus. The brake bus also uses stainless steel tie. Its unique coating can not only ensure the reliability of the brake bus, but also protect the bus surface from damage.
④ Secure the airbag. The airbags in our car are fixed with stainless steel straps. The airbag position can be firmly fixed when the vehicle is driving on a bumpy road or in a violent collision.
⑤ It plays the role of fixing seals in the inlet and outlet water pipes and air inlet pipes.
Municipal Administration

Stainless steel ties are also very useful in the municipal field.
① Fixed municipal information board.
② The utility model has the advantages of simple use and good binding effect, and reduces the municipal operation cost.
③ Stainless steel material, beautiful appearance, can easily integrate with the surrounding buildings and beautify the environment.
Industrial cable, pipeline, water tower and other applications have a good performance in industry
① Pipes of any diameter can be bundled.
② It has good sealing performance, and the whole ring stress at the binding is relatively balanced.
③ The unique pull lock fixing structure ensures the stability of installed fasteners and tension.

signal communication
Stainless steel ties are indispensable for indoor and outdoor communication installation
① Stainless steel tie is famous for its excellent fastening, especially suitable for fixing cables outdoors.
② Stainless steel ties have good physical properties and have more room for cold and thermal expansion. Compared with other similar products, it is more difficult to fracture.
③ The unique surface fireproof coating design improves the fireproof performance of the cable.

The field has special requirements for product materials, which can be used only after passing the severe test. The use of stainless steel ties in shows that the products have outstanding advantages.
① The industrial environment of the industry is extremely harsh. Sometimes the severe temperature difference will directly damage the vitality equipment. The special stainless steel tie can withstand such a test and ensure the safety of cables in aircraft.
② Stainless steel plastic ties play a good advantage in important parts such as oil pipelines and air pipelines.

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